Sialon II has been approved for funding under the 2008-2013 Public Health Programme (workplan 2010) and is due to commence in March/April 2011.

Like the original Sialon project, Sialon II aims to carry out and promote combined and targeted prevention complemented by a meaningful surveillance among MSM. In addition, the project aims to create a network of institutions working with the ECDC to implement new tools for STI surveillance and with DGSANCO, in support of comprehensive, integrated HIV/STI prevention strategies.

Thanks to a collaboration with UNAIDS and WHO, the geographical coverage of Sialon II will be extended with the project being implemented in both the EU (Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovak Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Romania, United Kingdom) and neighboring countries (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova ).

The project will run for 36 months and will have a budget of approximately €1,500,000.

Former Sialon project was funded under the 2003-2008 Public Health Programme (work plan 2007). The objective was to obtain reliable and valid information on HIV and syphilis prevalence, risk behaviour, and cultural factors among MSM through:

 • non-invasive outreach testing method based on oral fluid sample collection;
 • anonymous questionnaire;
 • innovative sampling methods allowing statistical inference;
 • use of international core indicators (UNGASS, ECDC);
 • active involvement of gay associations.

The project was implemented in selected countries of Southern and Eastern Europe, namely Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania.

The project ran for a duration of 24 months with a budget of € 714,000 and concluded in April 2010.



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