Prevention strategies

Prevention objectives will be addressed in two work areas: prevention needs assessment and prevention activities on the field.

The prevention needs assessment will start from the beginning during the formative research and data collection process while contacting the gay venues. Every level in the field action will be consulted in planning the prevention campaign that will be based both on the outcomes of the formative research and on the results of the bio-behavioral survey.

SIALON 2 questionnaire will be developed bringing the focus onto prevention needs. Previous experiences, such as the EMIS and the SIALON questionnaire, will be taken into consideration and adapted for a meaningful and effective data collection on the field.

Moreover, according to the formative research prevention needs assessment and to the chosen sampling method, HIV/STI prevention activities and testing promotion directly on the field will be carried out and included in a specific SIALON 2 prevention campaign framework. To this purpose, a specific training and the development and distribution of prevention materials will be done. Data collectors involved in the implementation of the research through TLS and health professionals involved in the VCT procedures through RDS will be trained in order to give relevant and tailored information on HIV/STI prevention and MSM friendly VCT facilities. Information and prevention tools such as info-packs with condoms and lubricants, leaflets with precise and tailored information will be developed. In addition the project web-site will be also used for prevention purposes. 

As for the prevention training and activities in the TLS framework, successful experiences from previous projects focusing on methodological models of HIV prevention with gay businesses will be taken into consideration.

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