Data analysis

Data collected through the questionnaires and through biological samples will be entered into a database in each participating 

country and sent to the main partner for statistical analysis and merged in a single database.

The WP leader will be responsible for the preparation of a detailed plan of analyses to be discussed among all partners in a specific workshop organized during a technical meeting.  

Each partner should take the responsibility of the statistical analysis at country level and contribute to the international level. Statistical analysis including analysis of prevention needs, testing and proportion of undiagnosed HIV infections will be carried out according to the plan decided during the workshop. For international papers the analysis will be decided in advance in line with the international rules of scientific community.  

The statistical analysis will be carried out using different methodologies according to the sampling methods (TLS and RDS). In particular for the RDS data, the RDSAT software, a specifically designed software published by the Sociology Department of Cornell University, New York, USA will be used. Analysis with this software takes into account the recruitment patterns and the different efficacy of the seeds in providing the respondents chain. 

HIV and STI prevalences will be estimated. HIV incidence will be also estimated, but only on the serum samples and therefore only from those recruited through RDS. 

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