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The aim of the Sialon II project is to estimate occurrence of HIV among MSM in the data collection sites and to study sexual behaviour risk patterns and prevention needs in the MSM population. It's planned that the results of this research will help to improve prevention programs in each study site.

Biological data will be collected differently according to the sampling method chosen for each study site: in countries where RDS-Respondent Driven Sampling method is foreseen (Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania) a blood sample will be taken; in countries where TLS-Time and Location Sampling method is foreseen (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Uk) an oral fluid sample will be collected.


PLEASE NOTE that regardless of the result of this test on oral fluid, since it is not diagnostic, you will be offered to be tested again with another test performed on blood serum when you will pick up the result on your oral fluid. In case the test on blood will be positive you will be offered to follow the procedures foreseen according to the international/national guidelines. In case you do not want to be tested again on blood, you will be given the oral fluid test result and you will have to sign an informed consent form clearly stating that the result is only for epidemiological purposes, and not diagnostic.


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