Formative research

Given the national and contextual differences between the gay communities in the countries included in the project, second generation behavioural and biological surveillance focused on MSM requires the choice of the most fitting sampling method and prevention strategies. Preliminary consultation with partners has highlighted which countries are likely to use TLS or RDS methods. Based on this preliminary assessment, formative research focused on MSM communities and prevention needs will be carried out in order to assess the feasibility and acceptability of prevention and research activities and the accessibility of HIV testing service.

Tasks include:
1) the assessment of prevention needs and an overview of previous experience in prevention activities and bavioural and/or biological data collection;
2) an assessment of the age-groups to be in included in the representative sample;
3) a mapping of commercial venues and/or cruising settings for TLS implementation;
4) preliminary agreements with the owners of the commercial gay venue (through gay NGOs);
5) an assessment of MSM social network s and of the effectiveness of incentive strategies in each site for RDS implementation and the selection of seeds among MSM to initiate the RDS;
6) a mapping of HIV testing services and assessment in terms of perceived attitudes towards MSM, accessibility and type of providers.


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