Dissemination of the project

Results will be disseminated at European level and at national/regional level. Every country will be responsible for dissemination of deliverables and organization of training and workshops at local level. During the first meeting the dissemination plan will be discussed and agreed by all partners to ensure adequacy to local social, cultural context and views of the target group.

A substantial impact on the dissemination strategy will be guaranteed by the participation of UNAIDS Geneva and WHO who will contribute to mainstreaming the project’s relevant information into UNAIDS and WHO reports and communications. Dissemination will be guaranteed thanks to the project wide network of Associated and Collaborating partners that will work together in the dissemination process. Other means/channels of dissemination will be relevant regional, national and international conferences.

Communication between project partners will occur by e-mail, tel-fax, and dedicated web-site platform. 

A project web-site will be also developed in order to increase the visibility of the project and the relationship with other EU funded projects.

All external reports will be approved by the Steering group. Hard copies and electronic versions of project deliverables will be disseminated through surface mail and institutional web-sites. Papers will be published in scientific journals after the completion of the project. Visibility of E.U. funding will be guaranteed by the use of the logo in all phases of project implementation and dissemination (tools, outputs, media)

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